Financial Services
Merchant payment solution market and player assessment study
15 Mar 2021


  • Company Description: Leading fintech player providing QR code-based payment solutions designed for merchants
  • Client wanted to:
    • Assess the attractiveness of TAM for a merchant payment app and how attractive is payment, lending, banking, and other merchant solution opportunity for the target
    • Understand why merchants prefer Target and its competitive positioning in payments and other products
    • Understand the key elements of lending/ banking/ payment processing business model

Our approach

  • Conducted market sizing to assess how attractive is TAM for the Target
  • Conducted business overview to understand the market trends and potential
  • Conducted competitor benchmarking to understand market potential and landscape
  • Conducted a survey of N = 750 (400 micro and 350 small and mid-sized merchants) understand the factors that a merchant considers while selecting a payment / POS provider for payment processing and why merchants select the Target
  • Conducted unit economics to understand the elements of payment processing/ lending/ banking business model

Praxis value delivered

  • Gave the client a detailed understanding of the market landscape and consumer behavior around e-commerce and social commerce in Indonesia while assessing the 35+ age segment and lower tier cities as the next growth horizon.

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