Financial Services
Marketplace-based financial solutions for a leading E-commerce player in India
20 Feb 2023


A major E-commerce player wanted to implement no-cost EMI solutions along with other financial services on its platform to enhance affordability of the products available on the platform

Our approach

  • Estimated sector wise market size for leading sectors with potential for consumer lending
  • Conducted extensive field research to benchmark schemes and consumer lending offerings across selected high-potential sectors (electronics and consumer goods)
  • Created pitch decks for the client to pitch the consumer lending schemes to potential partners across various sub-sectors (mobile phones, TVs, etc.)
  • Performed competitor benchmarking to understand the as-is and industry best practices from top players
  • Mapped end-to-end reconciliation processes including building accounting entries (both off and on books)
  • Studied as-is reconciliation journeys to devise key operational steps to be built in back-end to enable transaction flows across all parties 
  • Created data master templates to capture and validate relevant information at each step of the customer journey

Praxis value delivered

  • Sector-wise potential based on market size, key pain-points, competition, barriers to entry among others
  • Identified best-selling consumer financing schemes in the market across sectors, products, models and channel of customer engagement (online vs offline)
  • Enabled onboarding of partners for the successful implementation of financing offerings on the client’s E-commerce platform and offline stores
  • Accounting entries from customer’s product purchase to financier fund settlement were successfully constructed, including various scenarios such as successful purchase, product return, scheme accommodations, etc.
  • Operational processes were laid down as per best market practices along with potential client value offering which were identified and included in each step of the journey
  • Streamlined reconciliation process by eliminating inefficiencies in processes between multiple stakeholders

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