Financial Services
Leveraging data to improve client acquisition for the wholesale banking segment
10 Jan 2024
  • Client wanted to grow their wholesale banking business by acquisition of new clients, decreasing attrition, and deepening existing relationships by leveraging internal bank data and external data sources
  • Client wanted to streamline the lead generation process and integrate the same with a CRM platform for monitoring purposes
Evaluation of existing processes
  • Evaluated the need based lead generation approach currently being used by RMs / PSMs
  • Evaluated the need based lead generation approach currently being used by RMs / PSMs

Proofing the lead generation process

  • Developed a full proof lead generation process by leveraging the data bank for different use cases
  • Reviewed each use case along with the bank management and aligned on the call to action for each use case
System Integration
  • A CRM platform compatible for all lead types was developed which ensured seamless integration
Solutioning and streamlining
  • Lead generation: Leads were generated for each use case and the approach was streamlined with the help of the internal analytics team

Praxis value delivered
  • Leads generated under all use cases were mapped to PSMs / RMs on a CRM platform where bank can review the progress on each use case / lead type hence ensuring retention of existing and acquisition of new customers
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