Financial Services
India Credit card market study
15 Mar 2021


  • Company Description: Global PE
  • An investment firm wanted to understand the credit card market in India and usage behavior across the customers in terms of spending pattern, different credit cards used and their feedback, preference for payment modes as per activities, etc.

Our approach

  • Conducted detailed quantitative survey (N=801) across 8 cities to validate initial hypothesis developed and gather insights on the usage of credit cards in Metro, T1 and T2 cities
  • Conducted in-depth conversations (N=30) with stakeholders including bank managers and employees in credit-card startups to understand the generic behavior of the users

Praxis value delivered

  • Provided client with deep insights on the current usage patterns and preferences of credit card customers and what are the key parameters of selection and switching credit cards
  • Helped client to identify how the credit card market is expected to change in terms of future spend by users and which are the main activities they consider while using credit cards and the reasons for the same
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