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Digital enablement & process transformation for a leading insurance broker
16 May 2023


A digital insurance broker wanted to understand how to improve their processes across the sales journey, identify new product opportunities to diversify their product portfolio, enhance claims operations /CX & build the required tech capabilities to enable the outlined activities

Our approach

  • Mapped the current processes across the policy lifecycle
  • Identified key pain points across each step in the sales process & claims operations through data analysis, process mapping & detailed stakeholder interviews
  • Analysed the current tech stack to identify opportunities for improvement across process, people & technology
  • Studied the current product portfolio and distribution channels and identified new product opportunities to diversify portfolio along with suggested distribution channels
  • Developed solutions for  the key pain points identified in the sales process, claims operations & tech stack, prioritised basis management discussions & designed implementation programs / initiatives
  • Created a comprehensive map of potential new product opportunities & shortlisted products for initial focus
  • Evaluated distribution models for the new product opportunities identified, designed pilots for the selected distribution model
Praxis value delivered

  • Key strategic initiatives defined & implemented to meet the 5-year goals
  • 10+ initiatives identified to boost sales effectiveness, agent productivity & efficiency across each step in the sales process
  • 5+ initiatives identified to improve website performance, enhance data security & reimagine the IT team structure
  • 5+ initiatives identified & implemented to improve claims operations & enhance end customer experience
  • 3+ pilots identified to build distribution channels for new products & diversify the product portfolio mix
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