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Designing a best-in-class claims experience for a major health insurance player in India
21 Feb 2023


A leading health insurer wanted to create a best-in-class claims experience for their customers as a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Our approach 

  • Mapped the customer journeys and identified the pain points for stakeholders at each step
  • Prioritized the critical issues that need to be resolved based on their frequency and severity
  • Set aspirations/goal posts for key metrics
  • Designed solutions and interventions required to meet the aspirations/ goals
  • Developed a program charter to drive the implementation of the proposed solutions 
Praxis value delivered

  • Creating an agile and responsive tech stack is essential to building a differentiated claims proposition 
  • Designing journeys and a proactive communication strategy can be a powerful lever to enhance customer experience during their moment of truth
  • Re-imagining the operations setup can yield substantial improvements in terms of aligning the available capacity with the demands of the claims processing teams
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