Financial Services
Customer service improvement for a health insurance player
10 Jan 2024
  • A leading domestic health insurance player wanted to understand how to improve and make their customer service experience best in class in order to ensure customer retention and smooth customer journey
Collection of feedback
  • Gathered stakeholder feedback for different customer service channels across various customer touchpoints
  • Analyzed the feedback to identify common and unique pain points across different channels

Driver Analysis

  • Identified the top drivers of customer service interactions across channels and best practices across the industry
  • Validated and prioritized top drivers captured through data and anecdotal feedback
Solutioning for pain-points
  • Established aspirations and goalposts for each identified pain point in consultation with senior management
  • Designed the solution process in a way that make it more proactive than reactive to eliminate instances of customer dissatisfaction in the first place
  • Formulated remedies for individual pain points, prioritized based on their impact, and developed an implementation roadmap for each solution

Praxis value delivered
  • Provided deep insights into customer feedback and actionable initiatives to improve customer service levels across various drivers and ultimately improve customer retention
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