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A Wealth management firm wanted to become one of the top 3 players in next 5 years
15 Jun 2023
A leading specialized wealth manager aspiring to become a top 3 player in the UHNI segment in the next 5 years, wanted to understand
  • The wealth management market potential and competitive landscape
  • AuM and revenue milestones that they should aim for
  • Key growth drivers that will enable them to meet the aspiration
AuM and revenue target to become one of the top 3 WM player in UHNI segment by FY27:
  • Estimated market size for the available AuM potential by customer segment and geography
  • Forecasted the FY27 growth of AuM potential taking into consideration nuances across city type, industry type, addition of income and addition of new UHNIs
  • Estimated current penetration of managed AuM on UHNI wealth and available revenue pool
  • Estimated AuM and revenue split by key players in FY22
  • Forecasted growth of managed AuM and revenue pool for FY27 and contribution by key players
  • Identified key growth drivers:
    • Identified key themes that will be needed to enable the growth aspiration: Product, Customer Segment and geographic presence
    • Identified drivers within those themes via. discussions with internal and external stakeholders
    • Discussed impact for each of these drivers to understand implications on the client
Praxis value delivered
  • AuM and revenue milestones to be in the top 3 Indian wealth management players in 5 years
  • Identified 5 key growth drivers and resulting implications for each driver to enable the client to achieve their aspiration
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