New opportunity identification for a fertilizer company
08 Apr 2020


  • Company Description: A leading chemical industry player in the manufacturing of organic fertilizer with distribution centers spread across South Asia
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to understand the competitive environment and new opportunities for growth as their core product portfolio was in a mature market where growth was tapering off
  • The client had outlined the upper limit on investment requirement and wanted to utilize its land parcel available in Punjab to manufacture / process the output for the new opportunities

Our Approach

  • Conducted thorough analysis of select global fertilizer companies and their growth trajectory with the launch in new geography as well as the launch of new products
  • In-depth discussions (N=15) with the management team, divisional heads and sales team to understand the positioning of the products, competencies, and outlook
  • In-depth discussions (N=40) with the industry stakeholders to understand the opportunities in the market
  • Data analysis to understand sales, margin, customer churn and dealer market
  • Conducted financial analysis and created a business case to shortlist 5 most suitable opportunities for the player based on the attractiveness of returns

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client understood growth trajectories of global fertilizer companies to identify the most suitable opportunities considering capital, technology, and talent availability

Implementation support for business planning, sales incentive structures, procurement plan, and project management was provided to ramp up operations of the new line of business

Praxis Value Delivered

    • Successfully partnered with the client to arrive at a list of 5 most suitable opportunities with an extension of their offerings in the medium term
    • Partnered to implement the most feasible option. Created the business case, conducted layout planning, formulated sales incentive plan & procurement plan and supported the firm for the initial phase of the roll-out
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