Market entry strategy for Agri inputs tech platform
08 Apr 2020


  • Company Description: An Agri input player
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to launch the Agri input tech platform across 2 states – Gujarat and Maharashtra
    • To facilitate the entry, the client wanted to understand farmer internet usage behavior with a focus on online research for farming practices & online purchase pattern
    • The client was also interested in understanding purchase influencers, the role of offline channels in inputs, the impact of credit & debt availability on purchase and competitor intelligence

Our Approach

  • In-detail one-to-one conversations with N=78 farmers across 10 districts in the states of Gujarat & Maharashtra 
  • Interviewed them about their internet usage patterns, frequented portals, and online purchase history
  • Carried out NPS research for the competitors
  • Studied customer journey across competitor platforms and offline channels to pin-point differentiation and unique value addition for the customer
  • Studied input cost break-up for multiple crops including fruits and vegetables, pulses, flowers, etc. and availability of credit through various sources for these inputs across crop cycle
  • Evaluated farmer inclination towards various formal & informal debt channels

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client successfully understood farmer buying behavior across multiple categories like agri-inputs, pesticides, and AgriTech which helped identify key differences against its competition

Cost break-up of multiple categories of cash-crops was estimated to gauge potential share of wallet for the client

Praxis Value Delivered

  • Successfully identified crucial success factors for the player’s market entry in 2 Indian states
  • Also, successfully identified major influencers and purchase sources for farm inputs in 10 districts spread across Gujarat and Maharashtra along with farmer exposure to credit & debt
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