Deep research about farmer's input buying behavior and preferences
22 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: Indian online agri input player
  • Opportunity: To conduct deep research about farmer agri input buying behavior, preferences, attitudes towards various agritech applications, and pesticide buying behavior. To understand the role of purchase influencers, the role of offline channels in inputs, the impact of credit & debt availability on purchase and competitor intelligence
Our Approach
  • In-depth one-on-one conversations with ~80 farmers across 10 districts in the states of Gujarat & Maharashtra
  • Carried out NPS research for competitors
  • Studied customer journey across competitor platforms and offline channels to pin-point differentiation and unique value addition for the customer
  • Studied input cost break-up for multiple crops including fruits and vegetables, pulses, flowers, etc. and availability of credit through various sources for these inputs across crop cycle
  • Evaluated farmer inclination towards 

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client successfully understood farmer buying behavior across multiple categories like agri-inputs, pesticides, and AgriTech which helped identify key differences against its competition

Cost break-up of multiple categories of cash-crops was estimated to gauge potential share of wallet for the client

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Successfully identified crucial success factors for the player’s market entry in 2 Indian states
  • Also, successfully identified major influencers and purchase sources for farm inputs in 10 districts spread across Gujarat and Maharashtra along with farmer exposure to credit & debt

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