Consumer NPS study of a subscription based dairy player
13 May 2020
  • Client description: US-based private equity investment firm focusing on venture capital investments
  • Opportunity: Consumer NPS study of a subscription-based dairy player. The investor also wanted to understand the overall experience/satisfaction level of the customers w.r.t. the service as well as the product, affecting further investment decisions in the business

Our Approach
  • Conducted customer surveys and in-depth interviews to understand the perception and experience of existing as well, erstwhile customers
  • Created a dynamic excel model and survey data book to depict the trends in the customer profile, consumer experience & usage, reasons for subscribing to the player’s services, up-selling opportunities, reasons for churn across age profile, location & annual household income

Key Insights / Outcomes

Investor obtained a clear understanding of drivers and inhibitors of NPS for the subscription-based dairy player

Investor got a deep understanding of consumer behavior in the subscription-based dairy business and actionable ideas to improve the performance of the portfolio company

Praxis Value Delivered

Successfully provided client with a dynamic model and deep insights from the NPS study conducted with the customers of the investors’ portfolio company

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