SaaS masterclass: On cloud nine
16 Jun 2021

Virtual interactive masterclass on the Indian SaaS landscape and diligence approach organized on 16 June 2021 led by Madhur Singhal, Managing Partner and CEO, Praxis Global Alliance.

Objective: To reflect on the Indian SaaS landscape and talk about key concepts on how to evaluate a SaaS business.

Key takeaways:

  • SaaS landscape (horizontal and vertical) – India and Global
  • Basic concepts on what works for SaaS businesses
  • Drivers of SaaS adoption becoming mainstream
  • What makes the winners win and where do SaaS players stumble?
  • Typical investment thesis and value creation levers
  • Concepts: ARR, retention, technology differentiation, market estimation, LTV/CAC, and key thumb rules
  • Case studies of successful players

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