Case Study: SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy
28 Jul 2023
In today's newsletter, we will delve into Praxis's strategy in assisting a large Tech and internet company to identify a robust GTM approach for their Fin-tech SaaS product. This involved in-depth analysis to size the market potential, understand customer needs, and study existing players’ offerings to shortlist priority customer segments and recommend key product modules, feature stack, and pricing structure.

Company: A large tech & internet company

Problem statement: The Client wanted to take its Fintech SaaS solution to the market and sought assistance in building product GTM strategy.

Approach: We utilized our curated GTM toolkit to identify Fintech SaaS market opportunities and key product attributes for the proposed SaaS solution.

Step 1: We calculated the current market size, growth potential, and key growth drivers of the Fintech SaaS solution to understand the market opportunity.

Step 2: We conducted a comprehensive competition evaluation and analyzed the focus industry verticals, pricing structure, deployment strategy, and value proposition of top Fintech SaaS solution providers to identify the white spaces left by the competitors.

Step 3: We devised a dynamic 3-step prioritization framework to determine focus segments for GTM across industries based on:
  • Current industry vertical size split by size of customers
  • Need for a Fintech SaaS solution across different industry verticals based on the complexity in the current process
  • Current rate of Fintech SaaS adoption, depth of customers, and gaps in the current market
Step 4: We identified pain points across customer journey across various industry verticals which could be potentially addressed by the Client via their Fintech SaaS solution.

Step 5: We designed a comprehensive set of key modules to be included in the product and recommended some differentiating modules to establish right to win for clients’ Fintech SaaS solution.

Step 6: Basis our analysis, we recommended the right market-fit pricing model and created a detailed pricing card depending on the scale of target customers.

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