Improving the salesforce productivity for an Ed-tech player
24 Jul 2023
In today's newsletter, we will delve into Praxis's strategy in assisting an Ed-tech player to improve salesforce productivity and overall conversion rates. This involved conducting in-depth conversations across teams, reviewing the sales processes, creating a comprehensive driver tree, executing short-term initiatives, and introducing sustainable long-term solutions.

Company: A large global Ed-tech player

Problem statement: The client wanted to improve their overall salesforce productivity, create a high-performance culture and increase their conversion rate.


Step 1: Deep-dive into the sales process and organization
  • We developed a comprehensive view of the existing sales process (lead identification, allocation, reach out, activation, and conversion) to identify potential areas for improvement and automation
  • We conducted a time-motion analysis of sales executives and managers to establish a productivity baseline
Step 2: We conducted extensive conversations across teams to understand their issues and identify key detriments to productivity (people/culture driven, process-driven, technology-driven).

Step 3: Basis our analysis, we developed an exhaustive driver tree to develop potential solutions.

Step 4: Basis inputs from stakeholders, we chalked out a list of potential initiatives across key themes.

Step 5: We developed a view on initiatives basis the required timelines (long and short terms) to identify easy wins. 

Step 6: We implemented various short-term initiatives and initiated long-term solutions.
  • Sales L&D engine: We designed and developed the entire sales L&D engine and implemented training for sales executives and managers
  • Sales SOP: We codified the entire sales process and helped to bridge the process knowledge gap among sales executives
  • Sales Cadence: We recommended and implemented daily routines of sales executives and managers
  • CRM and tech solutions: We developed a long list of tech solutions and implemented the high-impact ones
  • Performance culture: We analysed the current incentive structure, identified issues, and recommended a holistic incentive structure for sales executives

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