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Improve occupancy of hotel partners in deep country markets
27 May 2020
  • Client Description: A leading hotel room aggregator 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to understand the following:
    • The behavior of key customer segments and their preference for various booking channels
    • Reasons for the current performance of its properties in terms of occupancy vs. competition
    • Key actions to improve occupancy in its deep market properties
Our Approach
  • Shortlisted cities to study based on various parameters such as population, market potential index, market intensity index, current occupancy, etc. 
  • Deep consumer and channel partner research and interviews to map demand and supply of the city, understand selection criteria used by guests and identify booking channels used and customer segments targeted for the client vs. competition 
  • Benchmarking market share of the client in terms of property type and location, customer segments and booking channel, w.r.t to the overall industry 
  • Understood drivers of occupancy across demand segments and mapped gaps and shortfalls in client offering
  • Implemented a turnaround program to drive occupancy improvement across 100+ cities globally

Key Insights / Outcomes

Suggested improvements in hotel locations and facilities offered, focus on untapped customer segments and booking channels etc. to improve market share

A total of 38 action points were identified and their impact across various cities was highlighted

~10% occupancy improvement was determined based on a mix of various action points

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • The client got a list of 10 priority initiatives to be taken based on ease of implementation and impact to improve its occupancy at an overall level 
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