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Assessment of opportunity and identification of target segments for managed workspaces
27 May 2020
  • Client Description: A leading real estate player
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to understand the following:
  • How large is the commercial realty market and within it, what is the current penetration of co-working? Which are the key cities?
  • Which are the emerging target segments, their favorable price points, required service / offering model in each, current needs and pain points?
Our Approach
  • We interviewed 70 managed workspace users across different industry verticals and estimated annual workspace spend including rent, OPEX, CAPEX, meals, and commute in organized as well as unorganized sectors in the top 8 cities and rest of urban India
  • From our discussion with workspace users, we determined archetypes of workspace users, their needs, pain points and price points at which they operate
  • We interviewed workspace providers to understand their unit economics and contribution margin

Key Insights / Outcomes

Successfully sized managed workspace market (office space spend) with both bottom-up and top down approaches

Profiling of key archetypes – current options available to them, cost of these options and their satisfaction with them

Benchmarked revenue per seat, unit economics and contribution margin of budget workspace providers

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Helped client identify 6 target segments, their needs, pain points, and price points
  • Provided client with information on the proposed scale and profitability of the business 
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