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Playbook creation for supply, ground operations and customer loyalty for a hospitality major
05 May 2020
  • Client Description: A leading hospitality sector player 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to achieve the following:
    • The client wanted to understand the maximum span of the ground ops staff to redefine the current ground ops roles for maximum span and customer wow
    • It also wanted to assist partners in streamlining their operations and reduce instances of conflicts by communicating terms and conditions clearly 
    • It also sought to identify key issues faced by customers and improve customer satisfaction and enhance loyalty
Our Approach
  • Primary discussions were done with the client’s central team and ground ops personnel (consisting of high, medium and low performers) to understand the entire process, map their daily activities and understand average amount of time spent by them on different activities
  • After having initial rounds of discussion with ground staff, we planned to utilize 5 levers - customer wow, offloading of redundant / duplicate tasks, internal benchmarking, removal of non-productive tasks and tech interventions to reach the maximum span without compromising customer wow
  • We also had discussions with the ops team and the tech team to figure out how tech can be used to maximize span and customer wow
  • A detailed time-motion study helped us to identify the gaps and plug them using tech and other levers
  • Discussions were held with property owners to identify their areas of concern and expectations of customers
  • Benchmarked critical metrics like investment per square feet, EBITDA %, payback period etc. across different property types 
  • Reviewed customer grievance management process and in-depth analysis of reviews for poor experience

Key Insights / Outcomes

Sales and BD teams training content designed and delivered to achieve superior performance and reduced attrition

Performance management dashboards with clear KPIs prepared for client employees

Defined client team activities and typical time to be taken for audit of property and its staff to maximize customer satisfaction

Dashboards designed for suppliers / partners to review targets, occupancy, pricing and earnings, and customer feedback on an on-going basis to track performance and plan ahead

Created mechanism to resolve issues of partners related to terms and conditions

Action plan for improved customer experience developed and customer grievance system was spruced up

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • The client was able to increase the span of the ground staff by more than 2.5 times without affecting the customer satisfaction
  • NPS of partners and customers had started showing improvement while the initiatives were still being rolled out
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