Smart cars the next big thing: How features on Safari, City and more are making life easier
28 Feb 2021

The new Honda City has a unique feature: You can speak into an Amazon Alexa device at home and ask the car to switch on the AC as you get ready for office. How about “Alexa, ask Honda to start the AC and set temperature to cool”. Thanks to internet of things (IoT), which you may have experienced in everyday life for things such as automatic lighting and smart refrigerators, a ‘connected car’ is emerging as a popular IoT device. These cars have an inbuilt eSIM, and features such as voice-based navigation, voice-assisted phone calls, in-car air quality monitoring, remote engine start, and so on. These cars are also capable of over-the-air software updates, just like your smartphone. There are lakhs of such cars running on Indian roads already.

The full article was originally published on Financial Express

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