Auto players step on CNG CVs; offer wide range of models
26 Sep 2021
Not just passenger vehicles, sales of CNG-based commercial vehicles (CVs) are rising and the trend is likely to continue. According to auto sector analysts, the pandemic-led slowdown in economic activities may have seen CVs sales dropping, but the share of CNG vehicles has remained stable. The recent rise in retail price of diesel has also prompted a lot of transporters to shift to CNG from diesel.
According to retail sales data from the government’s Vahan portal, sales of goods carriers (trucks) powered by CNG have remained largely stable over the past three years (25,729 units in FY19, 26,250 units in FY20 and 23,269 units in FY21), but have increased significantly to 31,529 units to date in the current fiscal year.
According to wholesales data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam), in FY19 total CV goods carrier sales were 9,15,537 units, but these dropped to 6,31,925 in FY20 and to 5,49,149 in FY21.

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