Are bike taxis a perfect mobility solution amid Covid-19 crisis?
24 Dec 2020

In a developing country like India, with the second wave of COVID-19 already making its inroads in many cities, the only solution to bridge the urbanization gap and answer the need for an effective and affordable transport are bike taxis. 2020 has been an eye-opener of a year. From the choice of going out of the house to the preferred transport option, there is a steadily rising behavioral change in the customers that is being witnessed. The rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus has not only made us relearn maintaining cleanliness but has also made us decidedly cautious and doubtful of sanitization checks around us especially when we are outside our homes.

With the reopening of offices and businesses and lack of trains and buses, there is a rising need for safe mode of public transportation to support more than 80% of the people who are dependent on these modes for commute. In cities where the local trains are still closed to most of the public and where the buses have reduced their frequency of trips, there is an even bigger need that needs to be addressed immediately.

The full article was originally published on Financial Express

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