Public Sector and Governments
Strategy development for a social enterprise focused on skilling &employment
30 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: Client is a social enterprise that works to provide sustainable livelihoods for people
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to tap its existing base of corporate & candidate connections to explore livelihood enhancement opportunities in adjacent segments  

Our Approach
  • Studied global & domestic analogs to recognize emerging models
  • Shortlisted value chains & opportunities to be targeted for solving the key pain points of candidates & corporates
  • Detailed out the top 4 businesses and their implementation plan with required platform features and technological capabilities
  • Prepared the business plan & economic model to achieve the target revenue

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client got a detailed business plan with clear revenue growth projections and timelines for realization of the same

Computation of unit economics was done to assess profitability

Organization structure for meeting the plan and tech capabilities required to implement the strategy were also detailed out

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Successfully provided the client with an implementable strategy to achieve the target revenue by following the proposed business plan

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