Public Sector and Governments
Determination of content creation partnership model for educational videos
23 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: Client is a nonprofit organization working to provide quality school education to all children
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to achieve the following:
    • Create educational videos for students of Government schools in vernacular languages 
    • Assess content creation partnership models available and determine the appropriate model
Our Approach
  • Explored and studied prevalent content creation models in the education sector 
  • Evaluated these models based on a comprehensive set of criteria, e.g. quality control in the process, prior experience in creating content for a younger audience, etc.
  • Created a list of popular video formats used to create educational videos, along with a sample video for each type
  • Conducted 21 focus group discussions (FGDs) with students & teachers in 9 cities in India (across all 3 tiers), to test the sample videos and obtained their feedback on the engagement as well as potential adoption level for each of the videos

Key Insights / Outcomes

Successfully provided the client with a deep study of all content creation partnerships available in the education industry as well as our recommendation for one most suited to our requirements

Successfully provided the client with a user (students & teachers) perspective of all video formats, and top 3 video formats for creation of educational videos

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • The client was able to identify suitable partners
  • Praxis team trained a team of selected content creators and educators regarding the creation of best in class educational videos

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