Private Capital
Tech diligence on a live class based Edtech platform
07 Apr 2020
  • Deal type: Growth 
  • Deal size: US$ 25M - 50M
  • Duration: 4 weeks
Key Findings
  • Confirmed number of users through server logs (triangulated through 2-3 other approaches)
  • Studied behavior pattern of Paid user vs. Free user to confirm differential engagement
  • Validation of server-level parameters (storage, data flow, infrastructure bills) to confirm engagement time
  • Evaluated robustness and scalability of IT architecture and infrastructure
  • Assessed use cases and scope of AI / ML models to improve user experience
  • Understood capability to innovate through mapping of competency and expertise of product and tech team

Praxis Differentiated Approach

  • Monitored server real-time and analyzed server logs
  • Interviewed key leads from product and tech team
  • Commentary on product roadmap and system architecture

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