Private Capital
Due diligence of a branded generic pharmaceuticals player
03 Mar 2020
  • Deal type: Growth 
  • Deal size: US$ 50 - 100M
  • CDD duration: 4 weeks
Key Findings
  • Strong historical growth across the therapeutic areas
  • Fast growing addressable market driven by greater disease incidence
  • First line of therapy in multiple TAs with positive feedback on efficacy 
  • Superior NPS, high brand awareness and strong ability to gain prescription share
  • Deep distribution network, high coverage, and growing productivity of MRs
  • Pricing leverage with less contribution to top line from drugs under NLEM, and ability to create formulations outside the DPCO purview
  • Clear advantages / moats built through tight vertical integration allowing for faster product development

Key Insights / Outcomes

Mapped the entire universe of doctors by therapeutic area

Showed ramp up in revenue with increasing coverage by MRs in district

Praxis Differentiated Approach

  • Interviews with 100 MRs and 150 GPs/specialists
  • Deep assessment of R&D capabilities and product pipeline
  • Deep assessment of MR coverage and productivity 

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