Private Capital
Consumer brands sector scan
18 Mar 2020
A deep sector scan in the consumer space aligned with the fund strategy of the client

Our Approach
Using a multi-step funnel approach, we identified investible target companies
Step 1: Defined addressable universe and determined a possible list of opportunities aligned with fund investment philosophy by applying different lenses  
Step 2: Filtered out a long list of segments basis size of key players, market size and growth prospects
Step 3: Shortlisted segments basis an attractiveness scorecard comprising market size, growth prospects, and potential risk and hurdles
Step 4: Created a shadow portfolio after applying filters for the profitability of the segment, opportunity to find an investible target, deal themes, and path to leadership 

Praxis Differentiated Approach

  • Derived deal insights for entire South Asia region
  • Primary conversations with industry experts to form PoV on growth and path-to profitability
  • Assessed opportunities to shortlist segments across countries
  • Created shadow portfolios in target spaces

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