Productivity improvement by 30% for an auto component manufacturer
08 Apr 2020


  • Company Description: An Indian auto parts manufacturing company  
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to identify the tasks where its shop floor employees spend bulk of its time, and identify areas of potential employee productivity improvement through time and motion study

Our Approach

  • We mapped the activities across the plant to understand daily routine, time spent in different activities, challenges faced and improvement areas
  • Detailed report including flow / string diagrams, multi activity charts, macro / micro motion charts, operational analysis charts, predetermined time standards systems (PTSS) etc., was developed following the interviews
  • Identified areas of productivity improvement and classified them into four categories: outsourcing / hiring of dedicated resources, tech / infra improvement / upgrades, eliminate / refine process and training / skilling / behavioral changes

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client got the actionable insights to improve productivity on the shop floor

Based on proprietary digital toolkit, we achieved cycle time reduction by implementing low cost automation solutions

Praxis Value Delivered

    • We successfully identified around 30 opportunities for improving employee productivity on the shop floor of the plant
    • Overall a 30% employee productivity improvement was achieved by cycle time reduction and implementation of low-cost automation solutions following the engagement over a 12 months time period
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