Customer data integration for a luxury car brand
08 Apr 2020


  • Client Description: A large global automotive player
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to re-construct its Indian customers’ data into a single centralized platform from the existing multi ended decentralized platforms

Our Approach

  • The activity was bifurcated into two processes: (1) Cleansing: Existing data stored in different platforms was cleaned and standardized in the desired output, (2) Merging datasets: Identity of customers was established based on combinations of different data fields in lieu of the absence of primary key
  • R (programming language) was used to run the different cleaning & merging logics
  • Existing data were diligently observed to find out the patterns. These patterns were analyzed to define the cleaning logics
  • Existing datasets were bifurcated into smaller sub-datasets for the effective running of code. Customized logics could be defined for each sub dataset

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client got refined actionable data of the customers in a single centralized platform.

The dataset helped the client in better targeting marketing communications to increase ROI.

Praxis Value Delivered

    • Defined recommended best practices for data handling
    • Identified ~185K individual customers with a primary key (generated afresh) and their vehicle details with current/previous owner status
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