15%+ increase in sales across automotive dealerships for a personal vehicle brand
08 Apr 2020


  • Client Description: A global personal vehicle company 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to understand the potential to increase sales across automobile dealers across India to improve and increase its sales, increase footfall conversion along with the improvement in the performance of its sales force across the multiple dealerships across India

Our Approach

  • Improvement in profitability (margins) through discount optimization, increased sales of value-added products (accessories & insurance), and enablement of long-term corporate deal agreements and fleet sales
  • Increased revenue generation per car, through spare parts and service pricing optimization
  • Performance metrics of salespeople were decided and monitored along with incentive schemes to drive overall profitability and suggest key areas of improvement

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client got clear roadmap of tasks to reduce costs and implementation partner to drive cost reduction

Supply chain got de-bottlenecked which led to value creation and efficiency in processes

Praxis Value Delivered

    • The client was able to achieve an increase of ~15% in footfall conversion to actual sales within three months across tier I and tier II dealerships
    • An overall 20% increase in margins due to increased same dealership sales and increase in NPS score of 15% was achieved following our engagement over a 12 months time period
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