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NATHEALTH Veteran Anjan Bose Ventures into Consulting with Praxis Global Alliance
11 Jul 2019

New Delhi, July 11, 2019 -  Praxis Global Alliance, the management consulting and advisory firm, announces Mr. Anjan Bose’s entry into advisory, enablement and consulting. A known expert in the Indian Healthcare space, Mr. Bose will be the Advisor and Domain Leader in the Healthcare Practice at Praxis Global Alliance. In his last role where he served as the Founding Secretary General of NATHEALTH - Healthcare Federation of India, he built a unique, inclusive and collaborative apex institution in the Indian Healthcare sector, focusing on thought leadership and advocacy which was very well appreciated. Mr. Bose has spent over forty years in building and executing a wide range of strategies for leading healthcare organizations across the globe. His work with Phillips and HP across multiple continents including India and other emerging markets has been exemplary in building strong market share, increasing the global footprint, improving business efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience for both brands.

At Praxis Global Alliance, Mr. Anjan Bose has joined as the Advisor and Domain Leader in the Healthcare Practice with other eminent industry practitioners who are leveraging the new-age advisory platform to share knowledge and expertise dedicated to the evolution of the global healthcare environment. He is looking to take on evolving challenges in the Healthcare space with Praxis Global Alliance, across verticals including healthcare delivery, diagnostics, MedTech, devices, and other healthcare services to offer his deep experience and insights. He will be involved in high-value projects including due diligence on mergers, acquisitions, and investments, developing cost-effective business models, market expansion, revenue growth strategies, patient and doctor NPS improvement and other product and service innovations for existing and prospective Praxis Global Alliance healthcare clients.

Praxis Global Alliance is a top management consulting firm known for its agile and practical approach. Joined by high-powered consultants from top B schools and organizations, Praxis Global Alliance has applied a unique style to management and business consulting combining practical industry knowledge and experience brought by Advisors and Domain Leaders with the consultant problem-solving approach and toolkits. In its niche ‘Advisor and Domain Leadership or DL model’, leading industry experts drive projects hand in hand with consultants to ensure deep on-ground expertise and innovation simultaneously for higher ROI. The company believes this unique consulting model is the way forward for building sustainable and superior business outcomes. The consulting brain capital and market knowledge combined with industry insiders’ deep understanding of the business complexities are key to ensure high momentum in an ever-changing business environment.

Commenting on his association, Mr. Anjan Bose, Advisor and Domain Leader, Healthcare Practice, Praxis Global Alliance said: “I am thrilled to be a part of Praxis Global Alliance. Its future-forward approach towards consulting matches my vision for the healthcare sector. Adopting newer work models and digital readiness are the need of the hour for every sector and will define healthcare’s success in the coming years too. Praxis Global Alliance is building efficiencies for businesses using knowledge and technology as key enablers and I am aligned to the change they are foreseeing in the business ecosystem.” 

Welcoming Mr. Anjan Bose on board, Aryaman Tandon, Director, Praxis Global Alliance, said, “We are happy to welcome Mr. Anjan Bose to the Praxis Global Alliance family. As an organization, we have been at the forefront of new developments in the healthcare domain. With our work in home healthcare, pharma, healthcare delivery, elderly care, health tech, primary care, and with traditional healthcare providers, we have been able to deliver better value for both patients and healthcare providers. Our motto is to generate superior outcomes for our clients, and Mr. Anjan Bose brings a legacy of his deep experience being an integral part of the sector and a commitment to maximizing the ‘care’ in healthcare that further helps us achieve our goals.”

“We are thrilled to have a partner of Mr. Anjan Bose’s caliber as the leader of our Healthcare practice. His deep experience and thought leadership are a tremendous asset to Praxis Global Alliance,” said Managing Director, Praxis Global Alliance, Madhur Singhal.

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