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Which FinTechs will become India’s next Unicorn out of 17 Soonicorns?
20 Apr 2021

Indian FinTechs are receiving huge global investor interest. This week, Razorpay raised $160 million on a $3 billion valuation. While a week back, six start-ups donned the hat of Unicorn from India. The attraction in the FinTech space is rising for two reasons. First is banks and financial institutions are far more aggressive in partnering with the FinTechs as digital has been growing exponentially and the second is the emerging technologies have made FinTechs confident to create and offer unique solutions. For almost all the banks the average digital transactions are 75% and they are now focusing on even automating the credit segment just like payment.

The full article was originally published on The Economic Times - ET BFSI

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