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The ever changing Indian retail distribution landscape
20 Jan 2021

When I started my career in the mid-’90s in an old British multinational company, I was told about the golden days of the past. A sales officer would have a Permanent Journey Plan, referred to as a PJP, across 25 towns in a month to connect to the local distributors. A postcard would be sent to all distributors with details of their PJPs and they would then book a train passing through all these stations to meet and greet their stakeholders. When the train would halt at the station mentioned in the journey plan, the local distributor would be standing with refreshments and an order sheet. He would take extra care of the officer so that all his ordered goods would be supplied. The Sales Officer without stepping out of the platform would complete his transaction and move on to the next town.

The full article was originally published on Daily Host News

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