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India's entrepreneurial households set to drive economic surge with $8.8 trillion transaction value
22 Feb 2024
A recent report by Praxis Global Alliance and Enmasse indicates that India is home to approximately 247 million entrepreneurial households, expected to drive the nation's economic surge with a transaction value of $8.8 trillion in FY23. The study introduces the concept of core transaction value (CTV), projecting a 12.7% YoY growth to $95.2 trillion by FY43.

The key data point in the report is the core transaction value (CTV), a new metric derived by the analysts, showing an enormous market, poised for growth, that remains undercapitalised. A report by Praxis Global Alliance shows that these entrepreneurial households are expected to play a pivotal role in India's upcoming economic growth, with their CTV projected to see a 12.7 per cent year-on-year increase, reaching $95.2 trillion by FY43. The report has also been authored by Enmasse, an international network of people and organisations.

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