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Identifying growth opportunities for digital media distribution service provider
03 Jun 2020

  • Client description: A leading digital media distribution service provider
  • Opportunity: The client was suffering growth stagnation and wanted to explore further revenue potential opportunities across core and non-core offerings
Our Approach

  • Conducted in-depth capability and competitive analysis to understand potential core and non-core offerings
  • Computed market potential for next 5 years across shortlisted and prioritized attractive opportunities Conducted (N > 15) in-depth interviews with competitors to understand their capabilities and outlook on the identified offerings
  • Conducted (N > 50) in-depth interviews with potentials clients to and stakeholders across the value chain to assess their needs, affinity towards offerings and value proposition designing

Key Insights / Outcomes

Created 5-step funnel from identifying attractive opportunities to prioritizing opportunities based on alignment with client’s capabilities and vision

Identified further growth opportunities worth US$ xM and @ CAGR of y% growth over the next 5-years led by a, b, c, and d opportunities

Praxis Value Delivered

  • Successfully identified additional core and non-core growth opportunities and provided client with deep, comprehensive assessment of opportunities, view of potential customers and their needs

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