Oncology & critical care market size for Indian players
06 May 2020
  • Client Description: A leading PE fund
  • Opportunity: The client was interested in buying an Indian pharmaceutical company in the generic cytotoxic and oncology drug manufacturing space. 
For the same purpose client wanted to:
  • Understand key market growth drivers for 11 cytotoxic drug molecules and therefore estimate market growth in the next 5 years
  • Understand pharma company’s potential business for the 11 molecules in Indian market and key differentiators compared to other players in the same space
Our Approach
  • Conducted more than 100 focused discussions with oncologists, radiologists, pharmacists and purchase managers in major hospitals and cancer centers across
  • Gathered data from published data sources, retail data, and other drug data to size demand for domestic markets
  • Conducted several expert calls with top management in leading drug pharma players in the Indian market
  • The estimated market size of each drug molecule in Indian as well as international markets from present market size obtained from management data and using information obtained from experts as well as own analysis

Key Insights / Outcomes

Target company to gain share in 7 out of 11 key onco molecules studied

Share to remain constant for other 4 of the key oncology molecules

Target company well poised to capture lion’s share of oncology and generic critical care market in East Asian and North African countries

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Helped PE client evaluate the target against the deal thesis and identify the right value creation levers for the business. The client successfully implemented the transaction
  • Estimated market size for each molecule in the next 5 years by evaluating key growth drivers
  • Evaluated key growth drivers and differentiating factors for major players as well as target pharma company for all 11 molecules
  • Estimated market share of major players & target pharma company by volume in the next 5 years
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