Growth and Scale Up
Growth strategy and strategic business planning for a leading chemical and fertilizer manufacturer
03 Jun 2020

  • Client description: A leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals and fertilizers
  • Opportunity: Client was growing slower than the industry and wanted to accelerate sales. Client also wanted to develop a 5-year business plan aligned with its marketing and technological capabilities
Our Approach

  • Conducted in-depth management discussions to understand the product portfolio, key customers, and sales trend. Reinforced quantitative understanding of sales trend by analyzing financial data.
  • Engaged with industry experts to understand the industry structure and major trends reshaping industry dynamics
  • Assessed forward-looking demand supply dynamics of major chemical products and identified growth opportunities
  • Engaged with management team to understand technical capabilities, manufacturing process workflow and overall cost build-up for each product
  • Based on industry dynamics and firms’ technical capabilities, identified the products where company should have greater focus on and build additional manufacturing capacity for
  • Conducted workshops with management team to get buy-in on new growth pivot
  • Estimated CAPEX based on inputs from finance team and industry benchmarks for building incremental capacity
  • Created a 5-year business plan and estimated the funding required to expand capacity

Key Insights / Outcomes

Developed long term growth strategy for client

Developed a 5-year business plan, along with a business case for raising capital for capacity expansion

Praxis Value Delivered

  • Client was able to raise ~INR 200Cr equity capital from coveted investors
  • In 2 years, client was able to increase its sales growth rate to 1.5x of its earlier growth rate

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