Growth and Scale Up
Creating an expansion strategy to grow in industrial packaging supplies market
03 Jun 2020

  • Client description: A leading ecommerce company focused on B2B procurement of industrial supplies
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to provide packaging solutions to its existing and new customers. So, they wanted to understand the Indian packaging supplies market in terms of market size, procurement process, purchase criteria, behavior of organizations and packaging spend by product segments.
Our Approach

  • Categorized packaging materials based on functional purpose
  • Assessed the level of customization required for each product category and what are the key reasons (logos / SKU size / usage purpose etc.,) influencing the need for customization of packaging material
  • Understood the role of manufacturers, distributors / dealers, and retailers in the supply chain and how customization and pricing have an impact on the purchasing behavior of the customer
  • Conducted in-depth research on existing packaging companies to understand their value addition to customers, primary supply model, product category customization offered, and market share gained
  • Conducted in-depth interviews of procurement heads of manufacturing companies across 20 business verticals (FMCG, auto & ancillary, pharma and online retail, etc.) to understand packaging demand, key purchase criteria, pain points and preferred purchase channel
  • Conducted in-depth interviews of distributors, retailers, and packaging aggregators / solution providers to understand supply chain flow, need for customization and software-led purchase
  • Used a variety of top-down and bottom-up approaches along with industry reports to estimate market size
  • Analyzed the growth aspect of the packaging industry by identifying YOY increase in the requirement of packaging material which is either co-related to increase in sales or change in packaging material standards

Key Insights / Outcomes

Successfully provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of Indian packaging supplies market size by product category, vertical and customization

Evaluated market attractiveness of each category in terms of growth and ability to serve as an aggregator

Praxis Value Delivered

  • The client was able to understand the end-to-end procurement supply chain
  • Based on customer’s key purchase factors, market size, current buying process and vendor base, provided client with a game plan for targeting different category of customers

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