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Revenue acceleration and GTM diagnostics of leading cosmetics brand
08 Apr 2020


  • Client Description: A leading global cosmetics brand 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to accelerate its revenue growth and understand cosmetics product usage, frequency of purchase of cosmetics good, brand resonance and brand awareness amongst customers across Metros, T1, T2 cities
Further, the client also wants to understand the following: 
  • Network coverage of retail stores, 
  • Supply chain effectiveness, process throughput and distribution analysis across stores, 
  • Salary benchmarking for PoS (Point of Sales) employees, 
  • Technology usage benchmarking
  • Benchmarking of the training program (product, sales, makeover) for PoS employees

Our Approach

  • Survey of cosmetics product users across India (N = 1,500) to understand consumer behavior across metros, T1, T2 cities
  • Market visits and mystery shopping across 15+ metro, T1 and T2 cities and across >75 counters to cover the entire value chain
  • In-depth interviews with 100+ client’s sales officers and beauty assistants
  • In-depth interviews with 75+ competitor’s sales officers and beauty assistants 
  • In-depth interviews with 50+ competitors, client distributors and retailers
  • In-depth interviews with 50+ customers across cities and different age groups
  • Benchmarking of organizational sales structure of leading cosmetic brands in the country
  • SKU and pricing benchmarking across product types for leading cosmetic brands in the country

Key Insights / Outcomes

Clarity on brand perception, customers' buying behavior, purchase preferences and annual spend on cosmetic products

Successfully benchmark TAT for products supply from the distributor to retailer leveraging which the client successfully plugged in the gaps in its distribution system

Client received feedback on gaps in the training process for beauty assistants along with KPC for pushing different brands

Praxis Value Delivered

    • Action plan for increasing the effectiveness of the distribution network with 4-5 actionable insights
    • Action plan for enhancing customer experience at POS
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