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Devised key offerings for an educational institution to drive superior value in franchise engagement
21 May 2024


  • An educational institution wanted to devise its offerings in a manner to extract superior value through its franchise engagements 


  • Devised a high touch franchise engagement playbook to prevent churn in franchise network of the brand
  • Used Maslow’s hierarchy to define the different needs of the franchise partners
  • Designed a suite of offerings to engage and develop partners as per their needs across different stages of business
  • An exhaustive list of franchise engagement activities was developed which included training and mentorship program, meet ups with peers and management, awards and appreciation, planned and surprise visits from HO and WhatsApp groups to define the high touch model
  • To foster comfort, attachment, and brand loyalty, persevering and onboarding partners need to be most actively involved

Praxis value delivered:

  • Delivered effective solutions to reduce churn rate of franchisees (12% to 6%), increase YoY franchise lead conversion rate by 33%, increase YoY franchise signups by 80% and overall growth in franchise network by 51%

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