At 3.8B, the number of Internet users comprises more than half the world’s population today. Global innovation & competition continues to drive product improvements, disruption in business models and newer types of consumption across any imaginable industry.

At Praxis, we help the world’s leading Internet businesses to spot and capture new growth opportunities, understand ongoing changes in consumer behavior, anticipate disruptions, create exceptional customer

experience, and help drive alpha growth. We have helped companies across sectors such as Agritech, Fintech, Edtech, Foodtech, Healthtech, Consumer tech, B2B & B2C ecommerce, Media tech, Travel & hospitality tech and Logistics tech.

Our Clients

Agri Tech

We enable and accelerate innovative businesses in crops, seeds, procurement and logistics, and food processing

B2B ecommerce

Companies partner with us to identify new category offerings, improve client experience, create nimble supply chain, and grow profitably


We help companies improve customer loyalty, drive customer lifetime value, improve service offering, and create disproportionate growth

Consumer tech

From home services to hyper local deliveries, companies across the spectrum partner with us to drive growth and operational improvement

Digital gaming

We enable online gaming players to understand rapidly changing consumer behaviour and spend patterns, improve monetization and drive growth

Digital lending

We help companies drive customer acquisition, develop accurate credit scoring systems, identify new use cases, and grow profitably

Digital media

Leading internet only digital media players rely on us for profitable customer acquisition, improve monetization and create attractive content

Digital payments

We work with banks, payment wallets and payment gateways to identify growth opportunities and create commercial value


Leading horizontal and vertical ecommerce players rely on us to serve customers better, identify growth opportunities, and become more efficient


Leading online grocery players rely on us to understand competitive landscape, improve customer experience, spot growth categories, and grow profitably


FinTech is one of our fastest-growing segment and we work with leading FinTech companies in driving customer acquisition, identify new growth opportunities, improve customer experience and grow profitably


Leading FoodTech players rely on our deep-expertise to manage bottomline, drive customer experience, and grow profitably


We work across e-pharmacy, healthcare analytics, telemedicine, disruptive devices, delivery tech and B2B Healthtech companies in identifying growth opportunities, improving patient outcomes, and creating lasting growth

Home services

Leading home services player partner with us to improve customer experience, create new service offerings, and drive alpha growth


An Insurtech revolution is underway and we enable companies identify new product opportunities, drive customer acquisitoin and grow profitably

Internet brands

We help domestic consumer internet first brands scale up faster, identify growth opportunities, and reach a market leadership position

Logistics tech

We enable companies in mapping market opportunities, scaling-up rapidly, identify new expansion opportunities and driving unit economics

Mobility tech

Companies across shared mobility segments rely on us to identify right micro-markets, manage supply, drive customer experience, and drive operational efficiency with profitability

Next-Gen tech

We partner with clients to launch and rapidly scale new-age models across IoT, AR, VR, 3D printing, blockchain, AI, and other deep technologies

Online dating and matrimony

We enable leading players in the space to improve customer experience, improve monetization and grow profitably

Other technology internet

Clients across B2B and B2C business models rely on our sector expertise to optimize product-market fit and scale the business profitably

Personal finance

We work with leading digital personal finance players across budgeting to wealth management to evaluate new opportunities, improve product experience and drive profitable growth

Real estate tech

We work across co-living, student housing, classifieds, coworking, asset management and other asset light models helping companies grow profitably


Companies in both B2B and B2C SaaS space partner with us to evaluate customer segments, improve product experience, improve sales playbook and drive profitable growth

Travel tech

We enable clients to identify new growth levers, drive efficiency and prepare for disruptions in travel and tourism space


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