At 3.8B, the number of Internet users comprises more than half the world’s population today. Global innovation & competition continues to drive product improvements, disruption in business models and newer types of consumption across any imaginable industry.

At Praxis, we help the world’s leading Internet businesses to spot and capture new growth opportunities, understand ongoing changes in consumer behavior, anticipate disruptions, create exceptional customer

experience, and help drive alpha growth. We have helped companies across sectors such as Agritech, Fintech, Edtech, Foodtech, Healthtech, Consumer tech, B2B & B2C ecommerce, Media tech, Travel & hospitality tech and Logistics tech.

What we do?

Geographic expansion: International market entry

We specialize in delivering customized strategic solutions to assist technology & nternet companies to expand globally. Our comprehensive playbook equips clients with the necessary tools to seize global opportunities and excel in the dynamic international marketplace. Through specialist advisory services, we navigate the intricacies of international expansion, providing insightful guidance around potential opportunities, profit pools, customer preferences, supply, and competition landscape that empowers clients to effectively penetrate new markets, build a differentiated winning strategy, and confidently charge toward the global market.

Adjacency expansion: Grow beyond the core

We specialize in adjacency expansion where we assist technology and internet companies to identify diverse dimensions for substantial growth beyond the core. With our proven 4-step playbook, we systematically pinpoint the most promising opportunities. We curate an extensive catalog of potential growth avenues, evaluate and prioritize fast-growing sizeable opportunities, and utilize our proprietary Strategic Growth Framework to select the most suitable adjacencies.

Turbocharge productivity sales and operations team

Our comprehensive toolkit is designed to turbocharge the sales force and operations teams at internet companies. As part of our 100-day offering, we assist clients in reviewing their sales blueprint and operating model design, while putting in place enablers. Our proven expertise in this area helps clients in building a high-performance culture and enables their teams to achieve their full potential.

Cost optimization

We deliver strategic cost transformation solutions specifically customized for technology and internet companies. In such a fast-growing industry, organization goals, needs, and KPIs change frequently depending on the organization’s scale and environment. Our expertise lies in identifying and unlocking cost optimization opportunities, streamlining operations, and driving profitability in this dynamic industry.

Funnel performance optimization

We specialize in optimizing your business by improving customer journeys, sales processes, and channel mix. Our expertise lies in reviewing every stage of the conversion funnel to identify gaps and drop-offs, increase customer engagement, boost conversions, and maximize your ROI.

Increasing Return on Ad Spend

We increase the total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for technology and internet clients through our proprietary framework. We identify and implement numerous initiatives to optimize ROAS through a comprehensive diagnostic to determine the health of the client’s marketing efforts, map out relevant advertising activities, and benchmark brand performance ROAS with relevant peers.

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