The key trend in the industrial goods and services sector is a shift from traditional standalone products to integrated products with services and solutions. This trend creates both opportunities and challenges for existing players.

In this globally competitive, and technologically evolving market, companies are looking to reduce revenue volatility and also become more profitable.

Praxis works across the industrial goods and services sector and enables leading companies in adapting to changing macro trends, improving revenue mix, optimizing cost structure, and growing profitably.

Our Clients

Aerospace and defence

We partner with leading aerospace and defense firms in optimizing product portfolio, increasing cost competitiveness, and growing profitably

Automation and robotics

Innovative automation and robotics companies partner with us in reducing time to market, improving customer value proposition and identifying new growth opportunities

Building products

We help leading building products firms in improving market share and channel mix, optimizing working capital and growing profitably

Capital goods and heavy machinery

Clients work with us to transform R&D processes, reduce time to market, drive cost reduction and productivity programs, and become growth leaders


Cement companies partner with us to reduce production cost, evaluate new investment opportunities, and improve distribution network, brand and customer loyalty


We help clients in reducing time to market, developing portfolio diversification strategies and identifying new growth and acquisition opportunities

Electrical equipment

We help electrical equipment companies in brand building, improving product portfolio, becoming cost-efficient and becoming growth leaders

Metals and mining

We help metals and mining companies in developing sustainable growth strategies, capacity planning, reducing extraction cost and becoming more agile and digitalized

Packaging and printing

Packaging and printing clients partner with us to improve operating performance, expand geographically, and create the winning product and market strategies

Paper and pulp

We enable paper and pulp companies in reducing costs rapidly, optimizing product portfolio and becoming future-ready and global leaders in the sector

Plastics and polymers

We partner with plastics and polymer manufacturers to drive operating efficiency, implement effective plastic recovery and reuse models, optimize product portfolio, and grow profitably

Precision manufacturing

We help clients implement industrial automation, improve manufacturing and shop floor process and accelerate sales growth

Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals clients partner with us to improve time to market, achieve supply chain excellence, and drive long term portfolio strategies


We help textile manufacturers in adopting to rapidly changing fashion supply chain, deliver efficient sourcing, and create efficient supply chain

Other machinery & equipment Manufacturing

We enable clients to drive automation, become factory of future, reduce time to market and grow profitably

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