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Udaan set to fly on recovery path as post-COVID world looks promising
09 Jun 2020
Until recently, Udaan had literally been on a flight. The business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce start-up may have continued with similar or even a faster pace of growth had the Covid-19 pandemic not hit the globe. The pandemic forced India to impose a nationwide lockdown from March third week.
The lockdown that crippled the entire logistics, delivery and supply chain network to near zero, was enough to deal a body blow to India’s fastest growing unicorn whose very business model saw a severe disruption, like several other firms and sectors.
Aryaman Tandon, director at management consulting firm Praxis Global Alliance, also echoes this view, saying that Udaan’s business fundamentals still remain strong. “It has created good inroads into the retail outlets and we will see it getting back on the recovery path soon,” Tandon added.

Featured Leader: Aryaman Tandon
This article was originally published on Business Standard. Read more.
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