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The Gold Rush for India's SuperApp
10 Feb 2022

“To be a SuperApp, a company will need a high user base, core high frequency use case and resources. Only if more people use the app, can a company cross sell other services and create more use cases,” says AT Kearney’s Mathur. “The challenge in India is the depth of the market. Companies may find it difficult to have a paid user base beyond the first set of 20-30 million people. They will then have lesser resources to go after the next use cases.”

Agrees Mohit Mittal, partner, technology and internet at Praxis Global Alliance. “A ‘one-size fits all’ approach may not work due to the sheer diversity of India. Unlike China where people are largely consistent in terms of their shopping behaviour, Indians like to explore various options as they look for discounts, coupons and other offerings before reaching a purchasing decision,” he adds.

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