Technology and Internet
PC market reboots
02 Aug 2021
The personal computers (PC) and laptops segment is seeing high uptake as the work-from-home, e-learning and gaming trends, that dominated most of 2020, continue this year, too, for a large section of consumers. According to Grandview Research, close to 7.62 million laptops/ PCs were sold last year. In the first quarter of CY21, the number of PCs/ laptops sold grew by 46% y-o-y, to reach 3.34 million units.
Brands such as Dell, Acer and Asus have rejigged their product lines to cater to this demand. Nokia forayed into this segment in 2020, while Japanese laptop brand Vaio (formerly Sony Vaio) made a comeback into the Indian market early this year in partnership with Nexstgo.

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