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Livspace has an IKEA, but India’s furniture market needs reassembling
11 Jul 2019

Livspace has an IKEA, but India’s furniture market needs reassembling

“IKEA has an understanding on consumer preferences around products and servicing needs, that drives the consumer buying behavior and has a strong sourcing ecosystem. Livspace understands design and servicing more deeply which will help them customize their offerings. There could be synergies where IKEA introduces some of its sourcing partners to Livspace. The global legitimacy of the brand creates an opportunity for Livspace to make a larger global play”, says Madhur Singhal, Managing Director, Praxis Global Alliance, a management consulting firm.

Singhal is right. The world’s largest furniture retailer could lend a hand in Livspace’s global ambitions. Sharma says that his company has built a platform that could expand globally, especially in markets with similar issues. He does not give a timeline but says that the company has done some research in Singapore where it already is registered. Southeast Asia is another probable market. The good news, for now, is that there isn’t a global company of scale in this space to compete with. Livspace and IKEA may just be made for each other.

Featured Leader: Madhur Singhal
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