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Keeping it casual, Indian short form video apps are thriving in the post-Tik Tok market
21 Jun 2021
We binge on it when bored. It’s fun, crisp and engaging.
These 30 seconds to one-minute-long videos are snackable, straightforward and ideal for reaching consumers, proving to be perfect for entertainment and marketing purposes. Adding to it, their mild addictiveness leading to the ‘just one more and I am done’ attitude, has captured a huge market globally over the years. To be more precise; here are some fun facts for you.
Considering the fact that it’s easy to share and laughter inducing, video content gets 48 per cent more views on social media.
An average TikTok user spends around 26 minutes on the platform per day, and that’s a lot of videos.
YouTube’s Shorts get?3.5 billion views a day.
If you are on Facebook, don’t be surprised when I say that you spend half of your time on it watching videos. In fact, 50 per cent of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile-first video ads.

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