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Delhi FinTechs: Lending more, rising higher
04 Nov 2019

The FinTech sector is continuously innovating. Various companies in different sectors are also exploring new possibilities by partnering with these FinTechs and hence, the growth is predicted to be three-fold by 2020.

“Over 1,300 new FinTech startups were formed between 2015-18, which is a testament to the burgeoning FinTech ecosystem in the country. India's Fintech is the third-largest in the world, with the digital lending market itself worth US$ 93B in FY19. With over a billion mobile connections and biometrics in place, alongside large parts still left behind underserved, there is a huge opportunity for further growth,” added Madhur Singhal, MD, Praxis Global Alliance.

Featured Leader: Madhur Singhal

This article was originally published on ET BFSI. Read more.

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