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Indian Startups Raised ~US$ 63B During 2016-20; Making India The World’s 3rd Largest Tech Startup Hub
29 Sep 2020

Praxis Global Alliance and IVCA have published a report “Overview of Indian Startup ecosystem”. The report, which has  tracked the sector from 2016 - 2020 presented data which points to the robust growth in the sector. Indian startups have raised ~US$ 63B during 2016-20. This makes India the World’s 3rd largest tech startup hub. During 2019, US$ 34B was invested in Indian ecosystem with an additional ~US$ 17B invested in 2020 (till May); Tech-enabled players continue to drive investor’s interest and have dominated the early stage funding landscape in India. This phase has also seen the emergence of 27 Indian unicorns.


The full article was originally published on BW Disrupt.

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