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Why innovation is needed to battle wild wild waste
22 Feb 2023
There are startups working on AI-based technologies for dry waste segregating (Ishitva Robotic Systems), making sustainable bricks from recycled waste (Angirus), recycling used sanitary napkins in a hygienic manner (Padcare), using low value multi-layered packaging waste to create construction panels (Ricron) and more. The challenge, however, is the implementation of these technologies at scale. Plastics is and will always continue to be a cheaper option. “When compared to plastics, at this stage the products/services offered by these startups will be more expensive. But over time as it achieves scale and some government incentives, the cost should come down,” explains Mariwala.

For MIF, working on this report with Indian Institute of Science and Praxis Global Alliance as knowledge partners is just the beginning. He adds, “We have a broad theoretical framework with this report, but ultimately we want to go ahead and find practical ways to really create an impact on ground.

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