Healthcare and Lifesciences
The Evolving Landscape of India’s Healthcare Sector
12 Nov 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has arguably been one of the biggest disruptors ever in the history of mankind with the healthcare industry being at the epicentre of this once-in-a-lifetime incident. Even after being one of the most adversely affected industries, the healthcare sector was able to out-manoeuvre the prevailing uncertainties by inculcating modern-day technology which in turn helped to turn the massive complexity of this pandemic into meaningful change. Amid the challenges of 2020, one thing became evident: if the healthcare sector has to flourish, it has to come to terms with the notion that every business is a digital business.
In combating all the daunting challenges posed by the pandemic, technology-enabled solutions have emerged as the panacea for the masses. As witnessed across the country, these solutions have helped people access healthcare more effectively and seamlessly courtesy of the streamlining and simplification of the patient experience.

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